Museum of Islamic Heritage

A research into the most valuable heritage of humanity

What do I visit?

The house which holds the forward leading art; from the cross shape pool to the new form of wind catcher… from the halls which reflect the Islamic art to the nice atmosphere inside the alcove….

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Why the museum of Islamic heritage?

Truly, the first Islamic museum which reflects the Shiite (Shi'i) Islamic effects in the fields that the Islamic world has been and is also outstanding… we have displayed the museum's works along with the time bar to be a worthy example for the Islamic museums and other museums as well

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Part of the museum

Mirza Gholamreza Esfahani (1831-1887) was the famous Iranian Calligraphy masters and one of the most Nastaliq style prominent calligraphers in the Qajar period, he was admitted to the Mohammad Shah’s Court and then to the Naser al-Din Shah’s Court….

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The Events

The museum of Islamic heritage is a graphic reference for the Islamic design.

The meeting with Mr. Mustafa Asadollahi, the sire of graphic of Iran with Mr. Seyed Mohammad Faghih Emami, the director of the museum.

The sash_window that has never been seen by the greatest Iranian photographers.

The meeting with Mr.Afshin Bakhtiari, the veterans of Iranian photography with Mr. Seyed Mohammad Faghih Emami, the director of the museum.

The museum welcomes the world to the Islamic heritage.

The meeting of Ms. Moya Kerry, the director of the Department of the Victorian and Albert Museum.

Let’s us all together conspire to protect and maintain the Islamic and Iranian heritage.