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Saturday to Friday

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Experience 1400 years of history, art and culture in the treasure

The treasure is one of the world's leading museums of art and culture, with a permanent collection of more than 1.3 thousand objects that house more than 1400 years of human creativity. This treasure contains many national collections of Iran and some of the largest sources for the study of architecture, calligraphy, phonology, culture, knowledge, honors and rituals.
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Isfahan, Hatef St., Moshir St., beginning of Haruniyeh Alley, Moshir Al-Molk Historical House
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The ticket price for each person is 1.500.000 Rials

Visiting is possible for the public

Mushir Al-Molk Historical House

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Isfahan, Hatef St., Moshir St., beginning of Haruniyeh Alley, Moshir Al-Molk Historical House
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Eating and drinking

Cafe Moshir

Eat and Drinking

Enjoy a wide selection of food and drink in a selection of three exceptional spaces: the world's oldest museum restaurant with periodic beauty rooms, the Moshir Cafe or Moonlight Moshir House and exhibitions

In the past, most cities and villages in Iran had gathering spaces such as taverns where people would gather for conversation and temporary rest, drink syrup, and discuss local issues of the day. It was in these places that the Iranians listened to the poems and stories of the Shahnameh with great taste and enthusiasm. The first taverns appeared in the city of Samarkand during the reign of Timur and reached their peak during the reign of Shah Ismail Safavid, and finally declined in the same period with the advent of coffee. Along with drawing syrup in the Safavid court, the job of Darbashi syrup also emerged and became one of the important court positions. Behesht Syrup House with a variety of syrups and traditional drinks has provided a calm atmosphere for you dear ones to spend time of the day.

Treasure memento

the store

Buy an incredible range of unique gifts, jewelry, books, fashion, prints and posters, fabrics and more as souvenirs from the treasury.

the store

Tour reservation

Islamic Heritage Treasure

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Visit Ganjineh and its collections with group and private tours with our program

Special days

Islamic Heritage Treasure

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The first day of Eid al-Adha Hosseini Ashura Hosseini Arbaeen Hosseini The martyrdom of the Holy Prophet and Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) The martyrdom of Imam Reza (AS) The martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra (AS) Eid Ghadir

Working hours of other parts

Cafe: 8 to 22

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